How To Care For Dry Skin On Your Face

As we grow older, our skin can begin to show signs of breaking down. This is called aging, and it happens due to several factors- genetic inheritance, sun exposure, persistent dryness, and constant stress (on your body) can all contribute.

When young skin is exposed to frequent moisture, the chemicals in water help keep your skin soft and lubricated. As you age, less water is absorbed into the surface layer of your skin, and your protective layers become more dense. This may cause your topcoat to get thicker, but thinner undercoat that cannot function properly.

This undersized reaction process is what causes your skin to feel tight and “hard” like sandpaper. In fact, this is one of the most common reasons why people complain about their skin feeling “tight” or “dry.”

It’s totally normal to have some degree of dry skin as you age, although excessive dryness is never healthy. Fortunately, there are ways to care for dry face! Read on to learn how.

Use a moisturizing cream

For those with very dry skin, changing your cleansing method can help improve your skin’s condition. You can use a cleanser that is more gentle, or you can use one that is slightly harsher. Either way, make sure your skin is well-hydrated after using the product!

A good naturalist cleanser is one that does not contain alcohol. Many people find that their skin feels too tight and dried out after washing it with harsh chemicals such as alcohol.

Many people choose to use a milk-based wash instead because they are aware of the effects of animal products such as butter and cheese. These things contain oils which promote healthy skin.

However, most people do not give their skin enough attention when washes and cleaners them. Make sure to read your labels to see if there are any harmful ingredients in what you use.

Use a moisturizing lotion

The best way to care for dry skin is by using a good moisture-rich cream or gel that you apply directly onto your hands, face, feet, and other areas of dry skin.

Most people begin applying products in their grooming routines when they are young, but soon things get lazy and they stop putting adequate amounts of product on their skin. When this happens, his or her skin can become more and more dried out as time goes on!

As we age, our bodies start to slow down the process of renewing cells. This is because we spend less time stimulating growth through natural means and replacing destroyed ones with new ones.

When dry weather conditions occur, your body does not like investing its energy into keeping itself hydrated so it starts to pull away from that. You also may find yourself suffering from painful cracks and flaking due to the lack of water in your skin.

Use a moisturizing balm

For those with very dry skin, changing your cleansing technique can make a big difference! Many people use oils or butters as a toner instead of using a washcloth and distilled water.

A non-oily toner is better than an oil one because oils will pull more moisture from your skin, leaving you with drier, heavier skin. Using a gel or cream like our winner above does makes sense since it goes onto wet skin, so it rehydrates and restores balance to the dry skin.

Drinking lots of water and eating foods that are high in antioxidants can also help keep your skin healthy. Just be sure to not overdo it, especially during hot seasons when extra water loss occurs.

Use a face oil

For those with dry skin, investing in an appropriate facial oil is your new best friend. Facial oils are naturally occurring substances that act as moisturizers. They can be made of various ingredients- from coconut or avocado oils to mineral rich ones like olive oil.

Many people use their own personal favorite type of oil so they cannot tell you what yours is! Luckily, most grocery stores sell some kind of beauty product containing oil so you can try different ones out to see which one works for you.

Some people also mix their oils with other additives such as vitamin A or E supplements to make it more potent. These additions may cause your skin to become slightly icky or rashy at first, but this will go away within weeks.

After washing your face, apply your facial oil all over your face (including under your eyes) and let sit for a few minutes before rubbing off any leftover bits. You can then wash your hands and spread the remaining oil around your mouth and nose.

Use a serum

A perfect way to care for dry skin is by using a product that is called a serum. Serums are typically thinner than moisturizer products, which are usually thicker.

Most of us know about moisturizers, but there is an emerging category of “serum” face masks that contain active ingredients such as vitamin A or E to help strengthen your skin’s barrier function. This helps keep internal body fluids from escaping our bodies, which can sometimes cause dry skin.

The trick is finding one with adequate amounts of both vitamins. Luckily, we have some helpful tips here!

How to use a serum like a pro

Use a drop (or two) under each layer of makeup, starting with the primer and then concealer, light foundation, and finally the top coat. Make sure to let it soak in properly before applying another layer of make up. Your skin will feel slightly warm due to the heat of the gel content.

Once you has applied all your layers, wait one minute before washing your face to allow the seruim to fully work.

Use a toner

For those with very dry skin, using a toner is one of the best ways to take care of your facial skin. A toner is used to wash your face and/or body and usually contains some alcohol as a main component.

Some people prefer using distilled water instead but most experts agree that alcohol works better when cleaning your skin.

Drinking enough alcohol removes all of the dirt, oils, and chemicals from the surface of your skin, washes away excess sebum (oil) which can lead to clogged pores, and sometimes even stimulates production of new cells. Your skin will also use these products to help regulate its moisture level.

Most people use their toner once or twice a day depending on how dry their skin is. But doing this every night may be too much if you are sleeping in a well-ventilated room.

Use a clay mask

A good way to care for dry skin is by using a clay face pack. These packs are slightly thicker than normal moisturizer and have a variety of purposes.

Clays help pull excess oil out of your skin, which can sometimes cause your skin to tighten up more. This could be from all the processing done to make the powder, or possibly due to the thickness of the product.

After applying the product, let it sit for a few minutes before washing it off. Some people leave the layer in their mouth while it dries, but this isn’t necessary!

There isn’t anything special you need to do with a clay face wash, just apply like regular lotion and wash as usual.

Do a spot treatment

When your skin is particularly dry, especially in hot seasons or due to frequent water activities like swimming, showering, or working with very sensitive products such as cosmetics or lotions, your hair and eyelashes can get weighed down. This can result in broken hairs that are more difficult to pull out and wash away, which may be seen as ugly!

If this happens, try doing a spot treatment instead of using concealers under your eyes or foundations that you have to apply over your whole face. A popular way to care for dry skin is to use hydrating night creams and gels that contain silica or buffering agents to help maintain moisture.

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